OurHouse 2

OURHOUSE 2 | Luxury Apartments, includes two bungalows/ houses completely furnished and equipped. It is built on the site Palio Tsifliki Kavala away from the noise and clamor of the city, 10 km west of Kavala, ideal for those looking for tranquil holidays close to nature by the sea.

Built in a 20 acres seaside estate planted with hundreds of olive trees, with the Aegean Sea watering the south edge of the estate. Walking along a small path across the estate, the visitor gets immediately the small, blonde beach with the crystal clear water. The pine trees bow to the beauty of the Aegean Sea while the location offers unique moments of relaxation. For those who love summer sports, the location is ideal for fishing and amateur diving.

OURHOUSE 2 /Luxury Apartments consists of two bungalows.

The Aegean House - bungalow, 70sq.m, sleeps 4 + 2 persons. It consists of two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room with TV and fireplace, ideal not just for summer but for the winter holidays as well. It has a large terrace with panoramic and spectacular view of the Aegean Sea and the lush greenery.

The Olive House - bungalow, 25 square meters, sleeps 2 people and consists of one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, ideal for the summer season.