OUR HOUSE/Luxury Apartments is a luxurius establishment which consists of 2 fully and partially furnished flats. The estate is in the location of Palio Tsifliki in the Prefecture of Kavala ,far away from the fuss and the anxiety of the city, 10 Km west of the city of Kavala, an ideal destination for those seeking the tranquility that nature , sun and sea offer for their vacation.


OUR HOUSE 2 /Luxury Apartments, includes two bungalows/ houses completely furnished and equipped. It is built on the site Palio Tsifliki Kavala .Built in a 20 acres seaside estate planted with hundreds of olive trees, with the Aegean Sea watering the south edge of the estate.For those who love summer sports, the location is ideal for fishing and amateur diving.



OurHouse | Luxury Studio, 35.00 square meters, is a spacious studio with modern décor. It is located in the town of Kavala, 500 meters from the city center, the shops and the services, while at the same time you can enjoy the beach at a short distance (50 meters).

Contact phone: +30 6947 562711 | +30 2510 200345